About me

Hello! My name is Alina. I am from the Volyn region, in the west of Ukraine. My student years I spent my student years in Lutsk, where I studied at the faculties of foreign languages and tourism. It was my passion towards for philology that determined my future destiny and lead led me to France.
Once, at in the Carpathian Mountains, one of the French tourist was searching for the a restaurant to have a dinner. I ordered him a deruny (a traditional Ukrainian dish) and … we married in two years after.
After my arrival in France, I restarted my studies in the Master’s degree. Here, in the Paris region, I got new friends, faced the local bureaucracy, continued to study the French language and culture. I travelled and investigated new facts about different countries. Some things astonished me and fascinated me, some others frightened me and disappointed me.
Often, I remarked that the first impressions after some remarkable or interesting events disappear very quickly from our memory. This site was created to share and to keep them as long as possible. In my blog I will share my experience, feelings and pieces of advice for those who are interested in foreign languages and different cultures. This is the reason why my site is trilingual. For those who are interested in getting help with studying or translation in Ukrainian (or Russian as well), please consult the page Activity
Ten interesting facts about me:
  1. Lion is my zodiacal sign;
  2. I have never travelled by train till I was 20 years old;
  3. In addition to Ukrainian I can speak 5 other languages on different levels: French, English, Polish, Russian and Spanish;
  4. My favourite author is Albert Camus ;
  5. I don’t have any sense of orientation and I can be lost even in a small city;
  6. I would like to build an animal shelter;
  7. I adore big cars, cats and mountains;
  8. I would like to read the works of Joseph Conrad, Emile Zola, Sigmund Freud and to remember a bit of classical Ukrainian literature
  9. I can’t swim and I don’t like to be in the water;
  10. I would like to go in for horse-riding and martial arts.